itisnthard (facelikemurdax) wrote,

i love youuu

i'm not one for regrets, but...

sometimes, like now, i wish i could go back and change everything. really.

i feel more lonely than i have ever felt in a long time. but i've been here before. it's like going back to first moving here and not having close friends. or the transition from being close to mike/aaron/marc to being close with jo/chris/danni. that period of time in between was actually really lonely, drifting apart from the boys, but still not sure of my friendship with the girls.

again, i feel like i don't have any close friends anymore. i really really miss some people. i miss the things we'd get up to, making time for doing silly things throughout the week, hanging out on tuesdays with the girls, going for pointless but amazing drives with the boys late at night, ending up in random places like park gate and aj's garage. two thousand five had to be my favorite year ever. evan was even there for a bit of it! of course i miss her the most, but that's always, isn't it.

i'd have to say that aaron, christine, jo marc and mike were the five people that got me the most in this country and i wish i could see them all more. that sounds hilarious. AND EMMA. I CAN'T FORGET ABOUT EMMA. WE HAD SOME AMAZING TIMES. ILU.

i don't even know anyone in uni now that i'm a year behind. i am so thankful to work with nice people and a few friends. even the new girls are fun - tara with her drawn on eyebrows and hannah with her australian accent. boss. we have a laugh. and of course all the guys that work there - i'm in love with them all, obviously. work has definitely become something to look forward to. i even get excited on the hour long journey there - sending dumb early morning texts to people like jo and perfecting my makeup - best part of the day. i work thirty seven and a half hours a week and i love it.

i absolutely hate the way i write on livejournal...
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