itisnthard (facelikemurdax) wrote,

birthday week...

sunday; si's birthday, bowling like an absolute girl, mcdonalds and bobs house for beers and guitar hero. awkward?
monday; an excellent four course pub dinner alongside two bottles of eighteen pound wine from the rhone valley with my mum and christine, followed by a questionable night in becky's sisters house...with cider...followed by everything falling apart...
tuesday; me waking up to a million phone calls and texts...and it may sound silly but i'm glad i was thought of by some people in such a situation...just wish situations didn't happen! but everything was put right again by cups of tea and a five course french meal prepared by my mom! christine and i do enjoy french cuisine.

accidental boyfriend has well bought me john paul gautier perfume for my birthday...therefore i have to continue the charade until he goeeesss back to the army...or else i'll feel guilty as shit.

and tomorrowww we will have to see.
am missing too many people from my life for this to be perfect x
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