itisnthard (facelikemurdax) wrote,

"my family tree is losing all its leaves."

so this is what it feels like to have a full time job. eat/sleep/work on repeat. i'm beginning to understand what some people have meant. i can't say that i don't enjoy it though. it's just a lot. thirty and soon to be thirty seven hours a week. plus university four hours a week... i don't know if i have time for anything else. with thursdays and fridays off, i end up sleeping...a lot. maybe one night out a week, if i can be persuaded by housemates. but i really don't mind. i don't feel like i'm missing out on anything. i've probably been there/done that (and ten times worse.) seeing friends stops at working with aaron/marc/aj/maybe even dean and living with siobhan/manon/naddine/sally j/sally. so that's just colleagues and housemates. as far as the others go, i keep in touch through silly little comments/text/e-mails/even letters here and there. i guess it's up to people to not forget me! :)

i do enjoy sending people mail/slipping secret presents into coat pockets at work/leaving notes around house. three activities that help me cope with the days and days of monotonous activitieees.

and very much enjoy these...///!
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