itisnthard (facelikemurdax) wrote,

well well well...

according to a certain little girl, i've had half, if not all of the north west.
buuut i'd just like to clarify that i've only actually had four of the north west. and i've been living here for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. so therefore, not even one per year. unlike, her record of boyfriends which i know at least five of recently (and i'm not even counting.)
mate, i am single, sexy (not quite) and free and therefore able to get jiggy (oh yes) with whom i please. and just because i don't quite do relationships as of yet, (due to the fact that in my mind at the moment, 'the male species does not love.') are we not equal in learning to 'shut our legs'?
i mean am i not less of a slag than she is?
don't hate.

thanksgiving was immensely successful.
i like to see my mum that happy, doing what she loves, being an amazing hostess and throwing massive dinner parties with lovely food.
i'm quite happy!
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